How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Monday, March 16, 2015

Thirteen Poems: an online reading

Feeling rather like a dying writer this morning, I decided I should give a final public reading while I'm still capable of doing so, a gesture for the road. However, looking into the open mic possibilities in town, I remembered how active the poetry scene is, how competitive, how noisy, and how it's not really something I want to jump into. I want someone to invite me to give a reading but since this isn't going to happen, I decided on the next best thing, which is to give my reading right here, online. And if someone wants to hear this live, well, invite me, goddamn it!

 Thirteen poems: a reading by Charles Deemer

  In My Old Age

 American History In My Lifetime 


 Having Coffee With An Old Girlfriend 



 The Body I Look Out Of 

 Email Stress 

 Morning Fantasy 



 I'm Not Fit Company 

 My Memorial 

 All poems from IN MY OLD AGE, Round Bend Press. Reading of entire book.