How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dirty politics

Vicious attack on Bernie by Bill today. Very early rounds of this mess. Bern may rise above it, or try to, but his followers are in for the kill. I hear nothing that I want to hear from Bernie ... He is great at defining enemies, not so great otherwise. And his leftwing ideologues are as bad as the rightwing for meanness. I am beginning to lean to the Green Party. The only real idealism I see. Make it 0-3 ha ha.

Dems may be heading to a brokered convention if it's close. It already is nasty. Sanders can unilaterally save the tone, and would if he were a King or true visionary, but he is an ordinary politician in style. Trump is more creative in this regard.

Sanders reminds me of Stevenson in angry aloofness.

The more I think about the Greens, the better it feels!