How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rare opportunity

Is the US ready for a socialist president? Sanders might be about to find out

Not really a socialist but close enough. He has an uphill battle, not against Clinton but American mythology. Therefore he should concentrate on those not exposed to it or with experience it's a sham. He needs to gain an advantage with non whites. South Carolina will be the first test. If can win there, wow.

He can use help. I wish Warren would become active for him.
They need to educate the part of the electorate still capable of learning.

Lay off Clinton except in debates. More important things to do. Make a game plan as articulate as possible. Less grumpy, more hopeful. More active appealing voices on your team. Suggest a cabinet post for Hillary, domestic. Assume you won and here's what you'll do.

Tell us what the results of your revolution look like. Change the rules and be really specific. Change the game. Show us that the impossible is possible. Less bitching at billionaires, more pictures of a better progressive future.

Can you do this? I doubt it but I'd love to be wrong.