How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reviving the old man

Our housecleaner here, the monthly visit, so I am staying out of the way in my basement office. Lots of constructive things I could do ... but I am still tired from a long walk with the dog, so listening to Chris Connor sounds more fun than being useful.

Will I ever get this house in order? This summer will reveal all. If it is not in pretty presentable shape by fall, well, then it's beyond my solitary ability to do this. I need to figure out how to get Harriet to help ... most of the decision making regards her stuff, after all. But she isn't much help at the moment.

So I piddle along, doing the best I can under the circumstances. Not very satisfying.

I stopped my membership in Ukulele Underground. It's a terrific club but I'm not getting my dues worth lately. Low energy and the rest.

A perk before I pass would be so nice ... and so unlikely. My main fans are over the ocean, far far away. Better than nothing but they also are easily forgotten. My memoir isn't dark enough ha ha.

Heard from our accountant, filing late. We are small and  low on his priority list. That's fine. He does a great job for us.

I enjoyed the walk with Sketch, though I may have overdone it. Need to work up to that kind of activity. My old legs and knees feel it. No replacement for me! I prefer pain to being a bionic man. Old school.

Chris sounds so good. Music, jazz and classical, saves the day in so many ways. Pop culture, on the other hand, well, it ain't for me. I'll stop there.

Cole Porter wrote as cleanly as anyone around.

More later, probably. Killing time here.