How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Options, options, options

1. Sell house in seller's market. Necessary first step. Depends on H getting her act together.
2. Put belongings in storage.
3. Put house money in bank.
4. Travel with budget of current income. Explore options, car v van etc. First stop H relatives on east coast while they are still alive.
5. Travel until tired of it. Return to Pdx.
6. One of two options, depending on health.
7. First option: still good health. Rent downtown or waterfront apt for a few years. Going out in style, still within current income. As health deteriorates, move into facility (look ahead, get on waiting list), and figure to die there.
8. Option two: health after road trip dictates immediate transition to facility. Draw on house money as needed.

So one or two moves, depending on health. New is downtown/waterfront living, probably two to five years, living the low end of the high hog.

Ideal: road trip to downtown/waterfront to facility.
Of course, nothing is certain. Either of us can die here at any moment!

But with a little luck, we can have great fun!

So ... how to get Harriet in gear?

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