How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Friday, May 27, 2016

The exploration begins

Lunch at and tour of a retirement community, the first of a dozen before July. Is any for us, or more accurately for Harriet? The answer determines what comes next.

My personal motivation for selling the house is gone, but Harriet can't live alone and we need to prepare for that. The longer we stay in our house, the more profit when we sell. Many variables. Many uncertainties. So we are collecting data.

I actually feel good, despite loss of the road trip. Knowledge is security. I know my limits. I've had 3 long road trips in my life, as a teen hitchhiking, summer during grad school with P, and summer with Harriet shortly after we moved in together. Well spread out. Now I'll watch trips on TV ha ha.

Despite changes, the first step is the same: house prep and downsizing. H has many decisions to make.

I'm good. I hope Harriet can learn to be as good.

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