How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So here I am with an ocean view, listening to the Angels-Rangers game on my MLB app, working on the AlphaSmart on the serendipity memoir, for my own amusement, mellow after a fantastic breakfast at a place called Wild Flower, enjoying a break from the normal routine ... and Harriet off shopping at a bargain mall, what else?, buying clothes when she has tons she hasn't worn in years but won't get rid off, ah the mystery of women!

Sketch is mellowing out, too, after a period of adjustment.

No word from the doc regarding my liver, so I assume it is nothing urgent. I'll probably get a new pill. I swear, before I pass, I am going off all my pills! Clear my system, die a natural man.

The Mariners won a dramatic game last night, at home where they suck, a HR in the bottom of the 9th, which keeps them in first place. Quite an amazing season so far. They have the best road record in baseball but can't win at home.

Rooting for Angels since the Rangers are in 2nd, a game and a half behind the Mariners.

Friday is our first visit to a retirement community. A dozen scheduled through June! We'll surely learn something or other by then. And adjust plans accordingly if necessary.

The MLB app is incredible. EVERY game, no blackouts, with either home or visiting announcers, all for less than ten buck a year. Best app bargain around. Includes spring and post besides. TV option is more expensive, considerably, but I prefer radio anyway. Grew up on radio baseball.

What a nice response on my memoir from an old friend and artist. He totally "got it." So did Terry at Round Bend Press. Great when that happens. I'm sure it happens more often than I learn, which makes it especially nice when someone takes the time and trouble to tell me.

Wild game ... Texas just took 6-4 lead in only third inning. Be a long one.

Long abandoned beach here in Lincoln City, at Sailor Jack's, our traditional stop on the coast.
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