How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Choosing the least evil

Here, in a nutshell, is the story of American politics. And so again: Clinton v. Trump.

Progressives are pissed. We should be. But real change will never happen in the two party system. Chris Hedges saw very early on that Sanders, in the end, is a betrayal, a lost opportunity, giving young folks false hope with total bullshit about how change happens, his phony revolution.

I've seen a lot of political change in my long life. You know how it happened? By assassination. I repeat, BY ASSASSINATION.
Voting, protest, nothing is as effective as murdering the right person. This also is the historical record.

So if you want change without becoming a murderer, what do you do? Well, many settle for the long haul of incremental change. I believed in that until the coup that murdered JFK.

Norman Brown argues that the game is rigged, power corrupts, there is no way out but to drop out. Become a poet. A zen priest. Silent meditation. Fuck politics.

Two things are dying, related but also separate. Capitalism and white power/privilege. The latter has infested the Sanders campaign more than noted. An angry feminist nailed it, referring to Sanders as old school 1930s sexist radical. (Even the Black Panthers were sexist.)

We approach a vicious, angry, maybe violent political election. Not much will change. Eventually the economy will improve and Americans will return to what we do best, which is shopping.

We are a new species. Homo consumerus. The young are the best consumers of all, by nature if not always means. Bicycles aren't cheap. Designer riding costumes aren't cheap.

Change in the world, if it happens, will be led by non white non Americans.

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