How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Man, a lot of progressive folks spew a lot of anger at Clinton. On the other hand, I am more pissed at Sanders. Why? HC is a given. But BS is a great disappointment and lost opportunity. HC is the status quo, but BS can actually make things worse. But still better, if he goes green at the convention (I find this hard to believe).

All these political terms are relative. Many women consider her a progressive. And the Pentagon likes her as a friend.

Personally, in old age, I've dropped out and see as much arrogant self-serving nonsense on the left as on the right. If I root for anyone, it's for those around the world who try to alleviate suffering and level the playing field without regard to ideology. Doctors Without Borders. Certain foreign journalists. The Pope.

But I think planet Earth is doomed and the first to suffer will be those with nothing to do with it, already happening as islands sink.

For me, the only thinker who makes sense of our demise is Norman O. Brown. Introduced to me at UCLA in an Amer Intellectual History class in 1966. Everything since has reinforced this early infatuation. Brown comes from a long tradition. So there are no surprises here.

Mars, here we come! By the skin of our teeth ...

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