How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Last chance, Bernie

You can boycott the Dem convention and send your army to the Greens ... Or you can do the knee jerk protest, yell a lot, and end up on the podium, grinning with HC.

I think we know which it will be.

What we have in America today are increased outlets for expressing opinion but a decrease in actual freedom, a consolidation of corporate power. BS's hot air about banks and inequality of income sound great but the remarks are impotent, just more political masturbation for progressives. Expressing opinion is not power unless you give it context that threatens the status quo. Sanders was never a threat among the Dem elite. The Dem party has never been a democracy.

Bernie, boycott the convention. Endorse the Greens and send your army there. Use the threat of Trump, which is real, to invite a coalition with Dems with an actual progressive platform. You'll get peanuts in the convention compared to what you'll get if you make the Dems shake in their Trump-fearing boots and come to you OUTSIDE THE CONVENTION.

But I fantasize. Hey, Bernie, smile for the camera!

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