How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Monday, June 6, 2016

Tuesday's howling

I can hear the Bernie fanatics already, It's a conspiracy! We been robbed! Because with a victory somewhere Tuesday, probably NJ, HC will grab the 30 delegates she needs to go over the top and cinch the Dem nomination. Not officially but for all practical purposes.

If BS goes on to win Calif., the outrage will be deafening. However, not a majority outrage by any means. HC will retain her lead of millions (!) in the popular vote, which somehow doesn't count to a minority that believes their votes count for more just because they are right. Talk about special privilege!

My friends, no conspiracy is necessary. The citizenry is filled with ignorance. Q.E.D.

I want to be spared this farce and therefore hope HC wins in Calif. It won't shut them up but maybe it will make their self-delusion more obvious.

Back to the drawing boards, progressives. Find a strategy that begins with an understanding of American politics. Sanders was a joke from the very moment he decided to be a Democrat and at the same time insult the party leadership.

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