How to tell a story

How to tell a story

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

TS blues

TS has the Calif blues. I don't. 2 reasons. I think she wants to get revenge on her hubby by being a better prez. More importantly, a large number of women will be watching her every move. This is the moment women have been waiting for. I really hope she picks a lady VP. This is about much more than the Clintons now. This is about American Women in power.

Bill's staff used to call Hillary Lady Bolshevik. Her unsuccessful health care bill as First Lady was close to what BS wants. I think on domestic stuff, she might be great. I hope Lady Bolshevik reemerges!

But foreign affairs? Bernie for Sec of State? No way. She's a hawk.

I'm giving her a chance. Men have fucked up everything for centuries. Let's give women a shot.

If the polls are close, I'll leave Greens to avoid Trump.

I feel good but concerned about H's cancer.
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